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Sweet 100%
Sweet 100%
gruesome playground injuries
Sweet 100%
the boy from oz
Sweet 100%
Sweet 100%
speaking in tongues
Sweet 100%
my mañana comes
Sweet 100%
john is a father
Sweet 92%
hedda gabler
Sweet 91%
the engine of our ruin
Sweet 86%
the hairy ape
Sweet 83%
joe & marilyn: a love story
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The Conspiracy of Mirrors

Open secrets are how democracy builds its next incarnation, one harsh reality at a time. read more

Twenty-six reasons you should never hire a girl for your production

Are you a guy that wants to work with a girl? Good luck with that! read more


I come to bury Colin, not to praise him. read more

Being a Service to the Theatre Community

I want to thank everyone who met me at Fringe Central this past Sunday and I want to thank everyone who contacted me via email, phone calls, texts, and through social media! I have heard from people from as far as New York, Florida and Chicago and lots of local theatre professionals. After this weekend I have great hope that the theater community is going to help us get back on track, and Bitter Lemons will be better because of you all! read more

Educate Yo-Self! Or Who Is Blamed?

A few days ago an article was released on this site called "Regarding the Chicago Profiles Abuse Story: Where is the Personal Responsibility " This was written in response to an article released by the Chicago Reader called "At Profiles Theater- The Drama- And the Abuse Is Real" read more

Meet Me at the Fringe

Bitter Lemons is moving forward to provide an open platform for artists and audience members alike. We have some ideas on which directions we are planning to go but before we implement anything, we would love your feedback. We want your feedback on everything! read more

Bitter Lemons removes Colin Mitchell as Editor in Chief

Bitter Lemons has always celebrated its open forum environment but Editor Colin Mitchell's recent article within the Chicago theatrical community crossed from controversial into unacceptable. As a result, Bitter Lemons has removed Colin Mitchell as the Editor of Chief effective immediately. read more

Bitter Lemons - Another Side

Bitter Lemons is more than Colin Mitchell, it’s a community made up of people who all play a role and contribute in their own specific way, resulting in a safe environment where opinions float free of censorship and controversy is embraced and celebrated. read more

Before Good and Evil

Quick! Name all the theaters where you felt creeped-out at the audition. Just as quick: Name the ones where you took the part anyway. read more

Regarding the Chicago Profiles Theatre Abuse Story: Where is the Personal Responsibility?

The abuse is horrendous, but where is the personal responsibility in this cautionary tale? read more

Center Theatre Group Looks to its Own Backyard for "Block Party"

CTG has created a program that opens up the door for intimate LA Theater to collaborate at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. read more

And the Winners of the 2016 Valley Theatre Awards Are...

It was grand old wacky time and awards were handed out. See within. read more

Voices from the Fringe: Heather L. Tyler, Director of 'Porno Dido'

The director talks about Sean Graney's dark comedy about sex, violence and theater that's making its West Coast debut at this year's Fringe. read more

Want to enjoy the Hollywood Fringe? Don't get Towed.

Enjoy the Fringe, don't get towed! read more

Twenty reasons your stage fright is justified

Go with your gut, get outta there! read more

FringeMeter 2016 is Live!

Our real time review aggregator pulled directly from the community reviews on the Fringe site is now live! read more

10 Goals I Hope to Achieve as Host of the 2nd Annual Valley Theatre Awards Happening this Monday, June 6th

I did it once and I'm doing it again. These are some of my goals. read more

8 Selling Points You Might Want to Rethink

(Number 13 will make you kick your cat!) read more

Deadlines Approaching for Hollywood Fringe Benefits at Bitter Lemons: Awards, Promotions, Reviews & More

Don't miss out on all the goodies we're offering. Deadlines are approaching... read more

Scratching the Seventh Year Itch - By Ezra Buzzington

Was it really eight years ago that I first got wind of some wiseacre from Potomac, Maryland of all places hopping around town touting the concept that Hollywood needed a “fringe” festival and he was just the sucker to do it and… let me get this poser on the phone and set up a face to face. read more

Psst. 20 Bitter Lemons Reviews Have Been Pre-Purchased for the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival (Don't Tell Anyone).

Let's see what happens this time. read more

How to "go green"

Being green can be a good thing! read more

Voices from the Fringe: The School of Night's Chris Johnson and Jen Albert

The creatives behind the mayhem-filled 'Punch and Judy' discuss its development -- and how they hope audiences will react. read more

And the Legal Test of Los Angeles Theater's 99 Seat Plan Has Begun

While the "facilitated discussions" supposedly continue with AEA, there are insidious doings happening in LA's intimate theater scene. read more

Voices from the Fringe: Cathy Schenkelberg, Star of 'Squeeze My Cans'

The writer/performer talks about the new solo show that chronicles her time as a member of the Church of Scientology. read more

What to See in Los Angeles Theater: Your Weekly LemonMeter Update

Your weekly guide on what to see in Los Angeles Theater. read more

Top ten things that piss your director off

If you don't want to work with a director again, make sure to disregard one of these guidelines. read more

Steve Julian Memorial Set for Saturday, May 28th, 3pm, Ace Hotel

The memorial for Steve Julian has been set. read more

Hollywood instructs on how to become a White Male, I mean funny

Hollywood, take off your rose colored glasses, in 2016 the stage is pretty pale. read more

Only 7215 of 50,000 Actors' Equity Association Members Voted in the Last National Election

Rule by the 14%. read more

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