True Grit - The Bitter Lemons Story


The author and Colin Mitchell at the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2010.

Kat Primeau proposes a toast to LA Bitter Lemons.

Like the Primordial Ooze Rising from the Swamp...The New Bitter Lemons Is Alive!


Soothe my fevered brow

The following list is a general overview of some of the new bells and whistles we’ll be rolling out and how things are going to be done at Bitter Lemons going forward. More detailed posts targeting each of these areas will be forthcoming. But for now, check out the goodies:

The Bitter Lemons Imperative (BLI): An Alternative to the Crisis in Theater Coverage


Simply put, if a producer or a theater company wants their show reviewed, they can get it reviewed, guaranteed, but it will cost them $150 per review and that review will be originally published at Bitter Lemons. Now before your heads explode, let me continue to lay it out as simply as I can and then attempt to address some of the questions and concerns that are now bouncing around in your skulls like a mad frenzy of prematurely lit bottle rockets inside a telephone booth.