He Didn’t Know He’d Joined THE MOB


Nice little theater scene ya got here. Be a shame if somethin' happened to it...

Charlie Square joined a “labor organization,” but Charlie didn’t know his nice little union was a front for peddlers of deceit.

Philando Motherfucking Castile


Philando Castile

Philando Castile and five Dallas cops are finally gonna get me out in the street.

On the Fringe with George


Addison DeWitt and...but enough about her.

The Hollywood Fringe Festival depresses me. But then, I’m a depressive.

Billy Wilder's Œuvre Total, Part 3


Michael Holland essays another palpable hit on Jason Rohrer – sorry; this labored Hamlet metaphor is not Michael’s fault. It’s Billy Wilder’s.

Oeuvre Total Part 2: Billy Wilder, Miserablist


In the second installment of a series, Jason Rohrer takes issue with Michael Holland’s appreciation of Billy Wilder.