Plaintiffs in Actors vs. Actors Equity Association respond to AEA statement


We will rally and we will be heard. “Let LA decide the fate of LA Intimate Theatre.”

Billy Wilder's Œuvre Total, Part 1


Bitter Lemons welcomes film & television producer Michael Holland, with whom Jason Rohrer – prepare for a jolt – has provoked an argument.

Shocked, Shocked


Equity gets Pro99 to waste all that money you gave it for arbitration because, after all, this thing’s gonna end up in court anyway.

We're here. Make use of us.


Bitter Lemons has been an arts forum since 2008. We have succeeded in our mission to bring the Los Angeles theater community together, at least twice: readership has never been higher than during the pro99 debates last year, and this month, as we have come across some hurdles and are facing some challenges.

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The Conspiracy of Mirrors


Open secrets are how democracy builds its next incarnation, one harsh reality at a time.