Twenty-six reasons you should never hire a girl for your production


Girls of the world ain't nothin but trouble.

Are you a guy that wants to work with a girl? Good luck with that!

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Evil in a kilt: Colin Mitchell hosts the 2015 Valley Theatre Awards.

I come to bury Colin, not to praise him.

Being a Service to the Theatre Community


Montana State University’s VOICE Center has announced the online release of a new public service announcement video addressing sexual violence.

I want to thank everyone who met me at Fringe Central this past Sunday and I want to thank everyone who contacted me via email, phone calls, texts, and through social media! I have heard from people from as far as New York, Florida and Chicago and lots of local theatre professionals. After this weekend I have great hope that the theater community is going to help us get back on track, and Bitter Lemons will be better because of you all!

Educate Yo-Self! Or Who Is Blamed?


Educate Yo-Self!

A few days ago an article was released on this site called "Regarding the Chicago Profiles Abuse Story: Where is the Personal Responsibility " This was written in response to an article released by the Chicago Reader called “At Profiles Theater- The Drama- And the Abuse Is Real”

Meet Me at the Fringe


Bitter Lemons is moving forward to provide an open platform for artists and audience members alike. We have some ideas on which directions we are planning to go but before we implement anything, we would love your feedback. We want your feedback on everything!