Like the Primordial Ooze Rising from the Swamp...The New Bitter Lemons Is Alive!


Soothe my fevered brow

Over the coming weeks and months we will be rolling out a variety of new services and innovations that will spring from our redesigned site and our forthcoming smartphone application.

The following list contains a general overview of some of those new bells and whistles and how things are going to be done at Bitter Lemons going forward. More detailed posts targeting each of these areas will be forthcoming. But for now, check out the goodies (you can also review any of this material anytime you want by going here):

Who We Are

Bitter Lemons was born in Los Angeles, April 24, 2008, at exactly 9:13AM and was originally designed to help shape the conversation between artist and reviewer into a constructive, respectful, and meaningful dialogue that informed the audience-goer, gave voice to the community, and created accountability for the critics who evaluated works.

Since our inception and in response to the decline of print media and its transition to online and digital platforms, we have allowed ourselves to evolve into a new kind of arts journalism outlet, offering a wide variety of services that include, The LemonMeter, the LemonHeadMeter, The LemonList, Podcasts, Editorials, News, Reviews, Audience Outreach, Weekly Features and an open platform for community debate and dialogue.

Our goal is to become the worldwide online theater portal, on international, regional and local levels, providing a digital hub, pub and largest online open air public square for the performing arts, where the ancient art of theater can meet the modern art of technology, maintaining and sustaining the best of both those worlds while blazing new trails as yet unimagined. Our DNA is built on the Bitter Lemons Seven C’s, striving to remain, Comprehensive, Current, Clear, Concise, Cogent, Connected and Controversial.

The LemonMeter

The backbone of Bitter Lemons is the LemonMeter. Using our exclusive LemonMeter Rating System we are able to gather and aggregate professional reviews as they are published and create a multi-layered critical consensus snapshot that offers the theater-goer the best information possible when it comes to choosing their theater entertainment. You can learn more specific details about how our LemonMeter algorithm works here.

The LemonHeadMeter

The LemonHeadMeter is similar to the LemonMeter but solicits its reviews directly from the community rather than from the professional critic, forming an audience generated critical consensus, allowing for yet another layer of opinion that the theater-goer can use to make an even more informed decision on their entertainment needs.

The LemonList

This is our online community billboard where readers can submit casting notices, for hire ads, for sale items, classes available, services offered, etc… You can learn more about the LemonList here.

News & Opinion

Being near absolutists when it comes to Freedom of Speech, we here at Bitter Lemons offer tremendous opportunities for a wide range of uncensored opinion and commentary, starting with our regular contributors and reaching out into the community at large, the tapestry of voices creates a collective hive-mind unlike any other. As a news and opinion outlet we answer to no one but ourselves and our community, our commitment to integrity, intelligence and trust serve as our bedrocks, while our provocative, irreverent and counter-intuitive perspective and tone have created an entertaining and innovative brand unmatched by any other theater site in the world. To add your voice to the conversation go here, become a part of the LemonHeadNation, and let’s get started.

Our Contributors

Our regular contributors have been handpicked over the years for the originality of their voices and the integrity and honesty of their opinions, we have broken national news stories, delved deep into investigative reporting that has altered policy and have added thousands of thought-provoking opinion pieces that have placed us at the forefront of the ongoing national theater conversation. That said, we are always looking for new writers and innovative journalists that bring the quality and intelligence that we demand here at Bitter Lemons. If you feel you have the sand for the adventure please don’t hesitate to contact us here and state your case for inclusion. Remember you must register an account to submit yourself for becoming a contributor. If you’d like to see the bios of our present contributors you can go here.


The LemonMeter has forged a democratization of theater criticism that has literally changed the face of the art form. It has also allowed many armchair amateur critics the opportunity to hone their craft, enter their local lexicon and expose their work to the largest audience possible. Some have even gone on to become paid professionals. You can learn more about becoming a part of the LemonMeter as a critic here and if you are a publicist you can learn more about posting your press releases here. Remember you must register an account to ask for press and publicist credentials.


Our goal has always been to bring theater together whether it likes it or not and part of that mission includes creating a comprehensive directory of all the theater venues in town. Please go here if you’d like to add your venue to that list. Remember you must register an account to add a venue.

Theater Companies And Producers

Again, we strive to create a gravitational center for everyone associated and involved with the making, promoting, or enjoyment of theater, be it on a local, regional, or international level. If you have a show you’d like to promote and want to get yourselves in the mix for a LemonMeter Rating, go here and list your production. Remember you must register an account to list a show.

Terms Of Service

Though we are proud of our cheeky, irreverent tone and our openness and support for as many divergent opinions as can be sustained, we still believe that a civility and a common respect for opposing opinions is key to a healthy debate. We rarely ban or censor anyone here at Bitter Lemons but will not hesitate to do so when certain lines of conduct are crossed. For more detail on our Terms of Service please go here.

Reaching Your Audience

We have a wide variety of ways to reach your audience and expose your work to our readers – who we affectionately call the LemonHeadNation – be it through Advertising, Membership to the LemonHeadNation, Featured Trailers, Featured Press Releases, etc…, please go here and see how we can put Bitter Lemons to work for you and your show.

The Bitter Lemons Imperative (BLI)

In response to the decline in theater coverage and the erosion of quality theater criticism we have created a new business model called The Bitter Lemons Imperative (BLI), that cuts out the middle man and the mystery and delivers a top quality theater review guaranteed to anyone who wants one for the nominal fee of $150. Go here for more information.

What about the Old Site?

Seven years of content is a lot of work and a serious historical footprint so we’re making sure it’s all well protected and always available. All of that content can be accessed via our archives button which will always be located in the lower right hand corner of the page. You can access it here as well. And of course if you ever want to share or reference anything from our old site just cut and paste the appropriate url and share away!

The Bitter Lemons Smartphone Application

It’s coming very soon on the heels of this new site launch and it will be tied in with everything on the site, the LemonMeter, the LemonHeadMeter, News and Opinion, it’ll all be at your fingertips. Stay tuned. And thanks for your patience.

And Much, Much More…

In the coming months we’ll be rolling out a variety of still developing new services and innovations, including a bi-monthly podcast with local talent and prominent critics called Whine & Cheese and a mentorship program for rising critics called the Bitter Lemons Academy of Arts Criticism (BLAAC), as well as a number of other high-tech marketing opportunities. Stay tuned.

In Closing

Thank you for being a part of the LemonHeadNation. We are grateful for your readership and your engagement and we look forward to exploring the next step in our evolution with you.

Relentlessly yours,

Colin Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief

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Does the new site have an RSS/ATOM/XML feed so that we can follow it in newsaggregators such as Newsblur or Feedly (the old site did).

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I was told this would help: and that there’s an RSS feed link on the main news and opinion page. So yes.

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