How to Become a Part of the LemonMeter

This is for reviewers, critics and press and it is concerned with having the critics work ADDED to the LemonMeter; there will be a similar post on how to GET a LemonMeter Rating, but that is reserved for those who are actually putting up the shows and actually getting the reviews.

So, the LemonMeter. First of all if you are unacquainted with the LemonMeter and how it works, by all means go here and take a gander at the mechanics and mission of our trusted consumer service.

In the hopes of making the LemonMeter more efficient and less time consuming on our end and more streamlined and beneficial on your end, going forward, a reviewer or critic will need to be registered with Bitter Lemons to have their work considered for inclusion in the LemonMeter. 

The reasoning is as follows:

1) It makes our job that much easier if we know who you are and who you are writing for.
2) It allows us to better organize the labrynthian network of voices who currently call themselves “theater critics” in this town and it in turn simplifies the landscape for those making theater in this town.
3) It allows us to communicate with each of you more easily and for you to communicate with us.
4) It affords you a more efficient portal through which to send us your work so that we don’t have to hunt it down every time you post a new review, ultimately, giving you and your work more exposure.

So all you have to do is:

1) Go here and create an account. All you’ll need is an email and a password.
2) After that, go here and register for your press credentials. All we’ll need is the name of your press outlet (just one if you have many) and a link to your work. But remember, you cannot get press credentials unless you have first created an account.
3) We will then review your submission and get back to you. 

Please understand, since our inception, we’ve been about democratizing theater criticism and creating the biggest platform possible that will sustain as many credible and legitimate critical voices as possible. That will not change, so the chances of your being denied credentials and inclusion in the LemonMeter are slim to none.

Nevertheless, the performing arts community trusts us and has asked that we make the effort to better organize, categorize and legitimize the critics in this town. That is the basis for this registration process. 

The criteria we will be using to evaluate your credentials will be as follows:

1) How much theater do you see a year? You will need to consistently see at least 30 shows a year.
2) How many reviews do you write a year? You will need to at least write 30 reviews a year
3) Who do you write for? And for how long? You will need to show some bona fides.
4) And what is the overall quality of your writing? This is subjective, but will be factored in nevertheless.

As you can see, most of you already fall well within the confines of confirmation.

So please take a few minutes to get yourselves in the mix. This won’t lead to any new spam coming your way in your email box and we will not share your contact info with anyone without asking your permission, it’s just an organizing principle that we think will help all involved.

Let’s get this party started!

Many thanks,
Colin Mitchell

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I am registered and I did request press credentials. – Julio

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In this, you write “the name of your press outlet”. For those of us who are regular theatre bloggers who have been part of the LemonMeter in the prior incarnation of BL, but have no other press outlet… where do we go. Should we apply for the LemonMeter and use our blog as the press outlet, or go for the LemonHead Meter?

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Yes just put your blog as the outlet.

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