Listing Your Show at Bitter Lemons


Bitter Lemons, Producers and the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Again, we are striving to create an online gravitational center for everyone associated and involved with the making, promoting, or enjoyment of theater, be it on a local, regional, or international levels. 

If you have a show you’d like to promote and want to get yourself in the mix for a LemonMeter Rating, a LemonHeadMeter Rating, Unique Advertising & Marketing opportunities, a BLI Review, and a host of other services, go here and list your production. You’ll be able to add to, edit, or modify your show page any time anywhere, for as long as you like. It’s YOUR show page.

Remember you must register an account to list a show.

Now some other ways you can put Bitter Lemons to work for you:

After you list your show and get the “all clear” from our editors you can edit and revise your show page whenever you want, adding photos, reviews, team members, ticketing discounts, and stuff we probably haven’t even thought of yet; you will be astounded how much creative control you will have with your show listing here at the Lemon. Our goal is to create a dynamic and performer friendly environment.

And when your legit reviews start coming in, send them to us at [email protected] and we’ll get your LemonMeter Rating up as soon as you receive the required three.

And be sure to tell your audience to come to the site and submit their user reviews so that they can be a part of our brand new LemonHeadMeter Rating that will sit right alongside the LemonMeter.

And finally, if you want to take a look at some of our advertising opportunities to really expand your reach to the most rabid, avid, theater-going audience in Los Angeles, go to our Market and check out an option that works for your show. Again, our goal is create the most user friendly climate we can.

We have a whole host of other innovations coming soon. So stay tuned.

And welcome to the LemonHeadNation.

Colin Mitchell