Ten 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival Shows That Look Interesting To Me


I have not had a lot of time to focus much on the upcoming Hollywood Fringe Festival and all the delectations being prepared within. Been a little busy with the launching of our re-designed site. Many thanks to all of you, by the way, who have offered your feedback, good or bad, it is all valuable and we appreciate it. Change is hard, but so far things are looking up.

But the Fringe…

Usually by now I have an idea of the shows I want to see, but again, I have not had a lot of free time to simply…peruse the menu.

But now that I have. Here are some of the shows that sound interesting to me and that I hope to catch.

Now some of them, I’m simply familiar with the company or the players and I’m fond enough of their work that I’ll go see whatever it is they are tossing up on the stage. Yup. Familiarity.

While others simply stick out for their original descriptions or story lines. That’s right, folks, believe it or not, a title and/or a press release description is sometimes all you need to garner some interest from the discerning mob. That would be me. More like a discerning mobster, but you get the idea.

So please take these with a grain of crystal meth, it’s quite possible all or most of these could completely suck, as a matter of fact it’s become almost a tradition that the first show I see at the Fringe is usually my least favorite. So beware.

Okay. So here they are, in no particular order…


1) FOUR CLOWNS PRESENTS THE HALFWITS’ LAST HURRAHWhile these guys still have yet to match their first offering at the first Fringe, Jeremy Aluma and gang always offer up some raucous entertainment if not always a cohesive narrative. Definitely worth a look.

2) THE POE SHOW: What do you get when you mix Brendan Hunt, some Sacred Fools elites and Edgar Allan Poe? Dunno, but it’ll probably be pretty damn good.

3) KING DICK: Really enjoyed Sunny Afternoon a couple Fringes ago and I’m sure Leon, Christian and the Busters of Gang will provide some more solid storytelling with their latest. Definitely worth catching for what i’m sure will be excellent ensemble work alone.

4) AMERICAN IDIOT: DOMA Theatre Company rarely disappoints and they certainly seem to have found the niche of bringing big Broadway musicals onto intimate stages. They also seem to have pared this sucker down to an almost manageable running time. Worth a look.

5) THE 7TH ANNUAL ONE-MAN SHOW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: I’m not a big fan of the one person show and as usual this year’s Fringe is just filthy with them, but the players in this one and the satirical conceit might just be a winner. Might be worth the risk.

5) OUT MY WINDOW: This is a remount of one of last year’s show – and yes I directed that one but not this rendering – and it didn’t get the kind of exposure is should have. Written and performed by Ernest Kearney, it is personal, poignant and truly a straight-from-the-street Los Angeles Story. Catch it if you can.

6) TIMEHEART: An original opera musical from the acclaimed Improv Troupe Robot Teammate & The Accidental Party, including the ever-lovely and ever-talented Kat Primeau? Yeah, this is a goer. Oh, and I hate opera musicals.

7) BREAKING BARD: What if the TV show Breaking Bad was written by William Shakespeare? The always plucky Porters of Hellsgate wanna know. This could either be really funny or just plain awful. Either way, I’ll probably be seeing it.

8) SHAKESPEARE’S LAST NIGHT OUT (OR WHAT? YOU, WILL??): A one-man musical from the man who brought you Exorcisitic, Werewolves of Hollywood, Doomsday Cabaret and Barking Pig? His stuff has been hit and miss for me, but it’s always audacious, risky and filled with brio and infectious fun. So yeah, I’ll be venturing out to see this latest concoction from Michael Shaw Fisher.

9) HAMLET-MOBILE: A 90 minute Hamlet done on the run in a moving van? If nothing else, this could be the “novelty” item of the Fringe like last year’s Perfect Game. Plus the ever-lovely and ever-talented Monica Miklas is producing. Might have to check this one out if I can just figure out how.

10) THE MERMAID WARS: Skypilot Theatre has been know to spin some pretty funny parodies and satires, so I have some hope for this. Some. Might be worth a peek if you’re looking for another world premiere.

Honorable Mentions: Not gonna go into why these are on this list, let’s just say they all have intriguing elements to them and/or include some folks I’ve heard were pretty good: KINKY NEON ROCKERORSON WELLES & SCATMAN CROTHERS IN ‘A HOLLYWOOD ENDING’, LA LLORNA, COFFEE TEA OR ME, BLUE BALLS KNOLL, ANNA, IN THE DARKNESS and MARRY ME A LITTLE.

There are over 270 shows to choose from. You can’t hit! I mean…uh…you can’t miss!

Get out and see some theater in June, LemonHeads. The journey is part of the show.

Join the adventure.


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Honored to have made the list, Colin, thank you for including TIMEHEART! Apologies for the confusion, but the play is an original Musical in the genre of Space Opera, which is a subgenre of Sci-Fi, not an opera-opera.

I am likewise excited for Hamlet-Mobile and Halfwits Last Hurrah, Four Clowns and Miklas/Ludwig are always winning combinations! Our musical director is debuting TWO original musicals at Fringe this year, the other is ANNABELLA, so I can’t wait to see what he has been up to when not rehearsing with us, haha.

Looking forward to pouring over the guide and spending time with everyone at Fringe Central. Cheers and thank you again!

U 35088 t 4659361

Jesus, so many details.

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