5th Annual Bitter Lemons' Critics Panel Set for Hollywood Fringe, June 20th


The 2014 Bitter Lemons' Critics Panel at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Yep. Once again we are rounding up all the critical giants of Los Angeles Theater and putting them all in one room together. And then I will do my best to make them all incredibly uncomfortable with questions like:

“Do you write your reviews naked?”

“If you used a pseudonym what would it be?”

“Why do critics use words like ‘accrete’ and ‘polemical’”?

Here’s the link on the Fringe page and here’s the description of the event entitled:

The Changing Role of the Theater Critic in the 21st Century:

With the evolution of arts media rapidly transforming the mode and means of information dissemination, the role of the theater critic is also constantly in flux. Come to the annual Bitter Lemons Critics Panel and hear some of the Top Theater Critics in Los Angeles discuss their shifting role in the Digital Revolution. Moderated by Bitter Lemons’ Editor-in-Chief, Colin Mitchell. There will be free coffee and bagels. Get your RSVP’s in now for this always-lively well-attended event.

It’s happening Saturday, June 20th, 2015, at 11:30am at Theatre Asylum.

There will be free bagels and coffee.

The event is Pay What You Can.

We will be updating with the actual attendees soon. I know they will all be clamoring to get in on this thing, but we will be discerning.

Reserve now. It will be lively and well-attended. Or at least mildly entertaining.

See you there.