Last Chance to Take Advantage of all Your Hollywood Fringe Benefits Here at the Lemon: Ads, Promotions, Reviews and More...


The Hollywood Fringe Previews begin tomorrow and the Festival officially gets under way on June 11, so time is a-wastin’ to take advantage of all the Fringe Benefits we’re offering here at the Lemon. Check it:

The 2015 Bitter Lemons Hollywood Fringe Benefits

- Create a show page. It’s free of charge and it gets your show all up in the grill of every LemonHead who visits our site, which will be in the tens of thousands during the month of June. Plus it’s easy to do. Create an account, list your show. After its approved you can modify and edit it whenever you like, add press releases, add team members, art work, show details, whatever you like.

- Buy an ad. We are offering deeply discounted rates off our regular prices for Fringe participants. You can check out the options at our store. But make sure to create an account and a show page first.

- Order an exclusive Bitter Lemons Review. Again, we are offering a spectacular 50% off our regular rates. Read all about the opportunity here and see the members of our Bitter Lemons Review Brigade here. You can purchase the review at the store, but do it quick, our critics are already swamped, but happy to offer some top quality criticism for your show if you order now.

- Submit your teaser trailer for the Trailer Park Award. This is another free promotional opportunity we are offering in conjunction with Combined Artform. Send us your teaser trailer and get it in the mix for free exposure on the site during the run of the Fringe and also get yourself in the running to win the prestigious TPA when it’s all over. You can see all the details and submit right here. But hurry the deadline is June 11th.

- Get a score on the LemonMeter. As soon as you start receiving professional reviews, be sure to send us the links to [email protected] and after you’ve received the required 3, we’ll get a rating up on the Meter for you. Again, another free opportunity to promote your show to the LemonHeadNation.

- Get your Audience to post reviews on our LemonHeadMeter. This is our new audience generated aggregator, similar to our LemonMeter. After you’ve created a show page, be sure to send your audience members over to our site, after they create an account they can post reviews whenever they wish and our top secret algorithm will create a LemonHeadMeter score, offering yet another layer of opinion to help promote your show.