New Lineup Announced for Bitter Lemons' Critics Panel at the Fringe


The 2013 Bitter Lemons Panel at the Hollywood Fringe

Either out of protest to this recent editorial, where Jason Rohrer had the audacity to apply the same standard of criticism to Steven Leigh Morris that Steven Leigh Morris applied to our Bitter Lemons Imperative, or simply out of a desire to not want to get caught in the middle of the controversy and perhaps get their hands dirty, several of the announced LA critics have decided to pull out of the event at Theatre Asylum this Saturday, June 20th at 11:30am.

Those critics would be Bob Verini, Bill Raden and Anthony Byrnes.

This is a bummer to me, personally, because these are some of my favorite writers commenting on Los Angeles Theater today, their inclusion would have of course elevated the discussion and their departure is a big loss to the event.

Nevertheless, the show must go on and as always we will make tasty lemonade out of the lemons that are left to us. And frankly, there are many worthy voices out there who have much to say about the current relevancy of professional theater criticism in Los Angeles and beyond.

So, out of my desire to always provide as much entertainment value as possible to everything we do here at the Lemon, no matter how controversial it may be, I’ve decided to load up the panel with a full contingent of our Bitter Lemons Imperative writers, along with one of the more independent voices out there, face the music and the mob and just let it rip.

Again, the BLI, while certainly good grist for conversation, will NOT be the only topic we explore at this event.

Here is the latest revised and rejuvenated lineup, three of the original remain:

Frances Baum Nicholson

Ernest Kearney

Julio Martinez

Jason Rohrer

Jonathan Ross

Tony Frankel

All except Tony, the Editor-in-Chief of Stage and Cinema, are current writers on the Bitter Lemons Review Brigade (BLRB) and all are willing to set themselves before their adoring public and have an honest and intelligent conversation about the role and relevancy of theater criticism in the Twenty First Century.

If that sounds like something that interests you, then please go here, sign up and join us. Seats are going quickly. The event is free, but all will pay in one way or another. Heh.

There will be ample time for audience Q&A and there will be free bagels and coffee.

I’ll be the guy with the flack jacket on moderating this rodeo.

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Progress is an angel being blown backward into the future.

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okay I’ll bite: how does one blow (an angel or anybody) backward? is that like a rusty trombone?

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I thought about going (as it promises to be amusing), but I’ve got too much to get done in the morning to drive over from Northridge, see this, and then sit until our next show in the late afternoon. I did do some more thinking about independence and theatre reviewers/critics/opiners, drawing upon work experience, and posted them at . Perhaps those will suffice as comments submitted in advance.

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