Asylum, Lillian and Elephant Stages Go Dark Forever


The end of an era

Several birdies have told me that there are companies lined up to take over these spaces after companies Elephant Stages, Theatre Asylum and their stout-hearted leaders, Matthew Quinn and David Fofi, depart, but after last night’s show of Replica, those spaces now cease to exist in their present incarnation, two decades worth of history, gone.

Aaron Lyons’ picture above captures my mood pretty well surrounding this news.

But as Daniel Henning from the Blank put it so matter-of-factly a few months ago, “Out with the old, in the with new”. So since it came from him we should all be okay with it.

I did a couple of shows in those spaces, including EST/LA’s first full production And Still the Dogs at the Lillian, and I’ve seen hundreds more as an audience member, so to all involved, I say thank you, good night, and good luck wherever you may land.

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Done a few shows in the Lillian. Sad. Who’s taking over?

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I’ve only heard rumors, nothing solid yet…

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