LA Times Revisits the Bitter Lemons Imperative


Bit of a harsh assessment from Mike Boehm that the BLI has “fallen flat” and “failed to take hold” considering that we’ve averaged one review a week since the end of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, but I guess that’s what happens with early success; 38 reviews out of the chute and everybody expects you to be turning them away at the door I guess. Actually, the slow and steady pace of the BLI right now is what I expected at the beginning, so no alarm bells over here. 

Nonetheless, appreciate the LA Times revisiting the endeavor and giving it the attention it deserves. If you’d like to see some of the work we’ve been churning out over the last three months you can take a gander here.

I’m guessing Chuck McNutt will still be wondering why no one is attempting anything “new” or “experimental” in respect to theater criticism being that he doesn’t read his own newspaper.

But the main takeaway is that the BLI remains open for business and for those who are tired of getting ignored and who want some top quality, hard-nosed coverage, with some prominence on the best read theater site in Los Angeles, just go here to read what we’re all about and go here to purchase a review.

Here’s hoping that the LA Times will shine some of that light on its own institution and explore the reasons for its own dwindling coverage and the cluelessness of its own Critic-of-Record.

One can dream.