Wall Street Journal on the Equity Lawsuit: "What’s truly deleterious is forcing a compensation model on businesses that cannot afford it."


Yes, that’s correct, in a very recent WSJ editorial, the paper comes out in favor of the lawsuit and against the 99 Seat Proposals Equity has foisted upon the Los Angeles Theater Community.

While some might find the WSJ to be an odd ally, I do not. The Wall Street Journal prides itself on being about commerce and money, but mostly, the spirit of entrepreneurship. Certainly many of its writers have had an anti-union bent and have had serious issues with the way minimum wage sometimes encumbers small businesses, but usually those concerns have come about when they see unions and minimum wage unfairly staunching true entrepreneurial innovation.

And that is why, to me, they seem like the perfect paper to come to the aid of the Pro99 movement, because ultimately this is about the right to work and to volunteer and to hone one’s craft and create opportunities that might lead to other more lucrative opportunities.

Here’s a snippet from the editorial:

"The rebels, who seem to have a better grasp of economics than the union leadership, warn in their lawsuit that forcing the rules on theaters that used to be exempt will force many to “close altogether.” They add that “all will have greater difficulty producing original works.” …

Actors’ Equity says it “exists primarily to advocate for better wages and working conditions for its artist members” and that the effort by the rebels “has an inevitable and deleterious effect on the union’s bargaining power for the rest of its members.”

What’s truly deleterious is forcing a compensation model on businesses that cannot afford it. The result is fewer jobs for everyone. Bravo to the dissident actors."

And make sure to read the copious comments beneath the article, you will be surprised how many of the more "conservative’ persuasion are in agreement with the Pro99 cause.

Hey, liberty is not a political issue, it is a human one, and though someone may arrive at this understanding via a different path than yours, when they do, they often will die to defend your right to ply your trade as you wish with whom you wish and how you wish. And that is something to celebrate in this ridiculously polarized country of ours.