WARNING: Kenne Guillory Once Again Emerges from his Sleazy Lair as "James Kenneth"


Kenne Guillory aka James Kenneth and a host of other pseudonyms...

Yup. He’s back. Kenne Guillory, currently known as James Kenneth. The guy who advertised “nude improv in a hot tub” for his auditions.

Saw this on the Facebook wire from Michael Shepperd:

Read up people

Here’s the real deal. A young actor,who I love and respect, was asked to Audition for a play. He was asked to send in candid photos of himself as well as video of him stripping down while doing a monologue. I immediately told him hell no. The director who asked him to do this goes by the name James Kenneth. 

The company is called 321 Collective. 

I would like to publicly let Mr. Kenneth know that asking for candid shots (shirtless just in underwear ) is not only unprofessional but completely unacceptable. Asking for video of a young actor stripping while doing a monologue? I’ll let others decide what that should be called. 

I am not trying to start a battle here Mr. Kenneth , but if I were you, i’d stop this behavior now. Because I’m asking every actor, director, and producer out there to share this or their personal story about your indecent behavior. 

So Mr. James Kenneth . Stop. Please. Just stop. 


This was Michael’s open letter to a fellow many of us have heard from, read about, and had to deal with over the last few years: Kenne Guillory.

If you need a little primer on how this dude works please read this and this. And there’s also this from Ripoff Report. And then here are some words from the guy himself on his Ratmo Facebook page, published in June 2015 when his Fringe show went all sideways:

“Writer James Kenneth concocted a show that is a hybrid of a Good Story mixed with hysterical improv and audience involvement and appreciation…. an exciting night filled with mystery, intrigue, a little sex, exaggerated truth, full truth, and believable lies…. he proves you can always learn and move ford from life’s past skeleton’s” You guys keeping asking “Lots of new page views, Who knows what Kenne ’ up to?” I can only assume to try to harass the new artist collective that once again, much like Rise Above did before this page, is getting highly favorable reviews from both press and fans. Well, let me tell you all these “page views” that your concerned with, that past few months has actually been the new collective and myself. I told them about this very page, and based upon “exaggerated truths”, and in-appropraite personal life slander, some of whoch is in accurate – but represented in the show – we conceived a play around this very page, one that is set to go on tour in California and beyond after it closes it’s run here in LA on Sunday. And before you say the main character has a “victim mentality”, know that’s not the case. Any of the high-capacity crowds that have seen it, critics included, walk away with with the exact opposite feeling. Its about my mistakes and trouvbled addictions and past. It’s a story of Vindication, acceptance and moving forward to help the LA theatre scene to continue to push forward, despite so many theatre companies closing their doors with the new AEA rules soon to be made law. It’s all based around your creation of this page (and others) and the famous Abe Lincoln quote, “truth is generally the best vindication of slander and one’s past” Now that I no longer hide from the truth, but embrace it, as well as my mistakes of the past, I’m once again using my creative process and mind God gave me to once again, bring joy and entertainment to the world. No more chains or strangle holds from my past, so thanks for inspiring me, and I wish each of you good luck in your future endeavors – in any project that comes your way. Those who continue to dwell in the past can never live in the present, or move into the future. For anybody that was hurt by my addictions from 3/4 years ago, I apologize, I have got past that through therapy amd dealing wi th dealing the sexual abuse I had when I was a kid. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive and move on, unfortunately, at this time, thats now in your hands. LLP.

Yeah, don’t know how this guy hasn’t been arrested yet. Or committed.

So basically the lesson is: stay away from Kenne Guillory, latest pseudonym, James Kenneth, and anything that has to do with him and his Ratmo Company, Plus One Productions, or what he’s calling his latest company, the 321 Collective.

Call him out, name him, shame him, share with your peeps, and then ignore him.

You will thank me.