Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in Danger of Being Demolished


Saw this on the Bigcheap wires from Jason Grote. This is a great historical landmark theater and should be spared and supported. Check out the deets below and help if you can:

Gentle reader…

Although we’re mad for beautiful buildings, one of our favorite Southern California landmarks is just a modest white box with a plastic marquee. But inside that box, real magic happens.

This is where Bob Baker, who was our friend and who died in 2014, created the charming musical productions of his namesake Marionette Theater. Five decades later, Bob’s puppet shows continue to delight a new generation of children and whimsical grownups.     

It would take a dozen newsletters to explain the convoluted transactions which resulted in the Bob Baker Theater property ending up in the hand of a real estate developer. But the important thing is this: that developer now wants to demolish it and erect a large apartment building called The Marionette Lofts, with a non-functional portion of the theater retained as the residents’ lobby. But because the theater is a landmark, and the developer is seeking zoning variances, the Planning Department is taking public comment about the proposal.

We think it would be better for the community if the new development had a real theater in it, so that the Bob Baker Marionettes can continue to work their magic for the people of Los Angeles right where they started.

Please, if you agree, take a moment to read our email to the Planning Department, and then send one of your own, expressing your hope that there is always a place for the Bob Baker Marionettes at the site of Bob’s landmark theater. Then share these links with your friends.

It will only take a few minutes, and could help preserve a gem of Los Angeles for many years to come.