Kenne Guillory Infiltrates the Hollywood Fringe


One of my birdies directed me to this Fringe project entitled RECLAIMED FREEDOM: FACT OR FICTION. The producer’s name? James Kenneth aka Kenne Guillory. And it’s written by a guy named Kenne James aka Kenne Guillory.

Here’s the info on the show:

The story of a young man’s journey down the path to success (or perhaps lack there of) entertainment industry, in Hollywood, In essence, its the history of the 321 ON FIRE! Collective! Using a unique blend of scripted facts and hilarious improvisation in live theatre, Reclaimed Freedom deals with a tornado whirl-wind of sex addiction, sexual identity, alcoholism, backstabbing, lies, and deceit of a young man. Along the way as he comes to terms with being bisexual, and is persecuted for his bisexual based addictions, and his unwillingness to be himself. Oh, yea – one thing we forgot to tell you: The audience has to decide whats real and what is not: It’s part fact, part fiction, all entertaining.

If you’re wondering why I’m highlighting this read this, this and this.

My favorite part of this is the fact that this is part of the show description:

321 on fire! performing artist collective · Ages 17+ · includes nudity · world premiere · 85 mins · United States

I’m guessing that the auditions and rehearsals will be taking place in a hot tub.

Hell, might have to go see this one just for novelty’s sake…that is if it actually makes it to opening night.

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Greetings. I am one of the members of the cast of Reclaimed Freedom. I read what my director wrote in response to what has been posted here. I asked him to delete it.

I arrived in LA on April 5th with the thought, like thousands of others, of making a difference in the entertainment industry. Not all get the chance to do so. I auditioned for a part in Reclaimed Freedom and was overjoyed to be chosen. The director spoke at depth about the past – his, the show’s, etc. – and explained that would be some nudity involved. I had been in The Full Monty so it didn’t bother me. I did not get naked for the part.

I have a past. I’m sure anyone could dig it up and post it onto what I’ve said here to discredit me…but what would be the point? What would it accomplish? Personally I do not care about my director’s past. Everything I have seen up to this point has been above board and respectful…but the fact I even have to post this saddens me.

This is supposed to be fun. Isn’t it?

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You say you want to make a difference in LA. You are doing more damage by being involved in this play. One of my friends (who I would like to keep private) was harassed my Kenne for weeks. He showed me emails of him asking for “nudes” because it frees you of your limits. Some crazy thing like that.

This is not professional or ethical. If he had a past BUT did everything he could to fix it, I would say leave him alone. From what I’ve read and heard about him he has done nothing to fix anything. There is no remorse for the damage he has done to others.

There is no excuse for taking advantage of actors who are trying to start their career. He needs to be stopped and I am thankful for Colin Mitchell for keeping everyone informed about Kenne

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Kenne Guillory hurt many actors, theater owners and playwrights. After we shared our stories, he stopped. 2 years later he resurfaced using the alias James Kenneth and did the same. Again the community came together to stop him. 2 years later he resurfaces as Kenne-James and says he has changed and his past should not matter.

Mr. Williams: If you or any actor knows about the things actors and others have accused a director of, and you still want to be in his show, I respect that. But isn’t it fair that actors know so they can decide for themselves?

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Kenne personally owes me $600 and about six people $2500. He has made no effort to pay anyone or make arrangements.

He harasses actors for nude pictures and continues to have unethical auditions.

He violates the rights of play writers and has no regards for their work.

Over the years he has done nothing to rectify his actions. Instead he continues on this distractive path.

I’ve gotten email after email about his lies and behavior.

If he did everything he could to make up for his actions I would be the first to say leave him a lone. He has not. That is why people like Colin post articles about him. People need to know what he is up too.

If you Kelly Williams want to be a part of his scam and have no problem with it, than that’s on you. Your name is now associated with him. As a new actor that’s not a good thing.

People need to know all of the information before joining his group. If they choose to stay than thats their career.

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Any other questions, Kelly Williams?

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And frankly, I’d encourage Kenne to comment here. He has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do and this forum is certainly open to any and all debate. No matter how misguided it may be.

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First off Colin, I have no explaining to do, because as a director, I leave stuff on stage (the drama) – I don’t try to stir the pot with things I don’t know about.

You want to “believe” and post all these negative things about me – thats your choice and your right. But only a handful of the people that “have stuff to say about me” I’ve actually ever worked with or heard of. Of the “113” likes on the facebook, page, I personally know about 10% of them, if that, they gained popularity by having their friends like the page and talk the smack about me – but thats not my issue to have.

Nothing I say is misguided – mis-interpreted yes, but misguided no. These people have the right to say whatever they want about me – this is the United States. The problem is you assume that everything they say is true -without fact checking anything – and we all know what happens when you assume. When this all started years ago – remember, when you actually contacted me and I was able to provide proof it was a “disgruntled actor” – so you decided not to run the story? (I Still have the emails stating you said you didnt want to get involved); I was in full support that, you as media, fact-checked instead of just running a one-way story like so many media outlets do.

I am not hear to engage or go back and forth with you or anybody for that manner – because people that are gullible choose to believe what they want to believe, and they love to twist the truth. For example I have apologized to these people on numerous occasions – you can even look on their “facebook page” and see that on June 25th, 2015 – I posted a public apology on their page which they didnt’ take it serious. Yet Garrett up above says I never did. He accuses me (like you) of being on a destructive path – yet I haven’t worked or talked with him in 4 years – he keeps repeating himself from years ago (as do you) – how is this new information or a refusal to change? Oh yea, it isn’t.

I have no beef with you, or bitter lemons – no matter how personal you try to make it. I’m here in Los Angeles living the dream that so many don’t have the opportunity to. I’m here to produce and direct original content and theatre with the new Collective that I am proud to be a part of.

Now, I’ve learned a few things in LA – one the people from my past want to continue to ruin art and theatre here in Los Angeles, by putting shows in jeopardy (even original ones) that Actors have worked hard on to showcase here in LA; don’t always get a fair chance to showcase their talent because of ya’all’s personal attacks against me. Why do they stick with it? Because they believe Reclaimed Freedom is a story worth telling – A story about sex-addiction, remorse, and vindication can be very powerful – when given the chance. No, I don’t sugar coat things, and yes theres nudity – so what. The mere fact that your article focuses on that shows how one-track minded you are. You, and no one else for that matter knows anything about the show – you guys are all assuming that im the victim. Anyone who saw the workshops, or is a part of the show – will tell you quite the opposite. My intent was to get my story out there – the struggle and battle everyday is real. I’m not going anywhere.

I’m also quite sure my response will garner “another article” about me – and Im okay with that; because that’s what this plays about – people speak what they speak.

I will not engage in a back-and-forth as its useless. The one thing that I have learned through my recovery, passion, and moving forward is that the people I want to work with – the people that have a passion to act, want to tell a story and give a performance on stage and not on the internet- dont judge me from the hear-se of the past. They make their own judgement based upon their experience. They get that everyone has skeletons in their closet, and that no one’s perfect.

Lastly, I would like to offer you and all your readers the same offer we have to everyone that has offered us “free press” as this show’s world premiere is upcoming – an opportunity to come and learn and be educated on what really happened, and what its like for a guy to learn who he is. If they buy a ticket off the fringe website – use discount code “bitterhf” and save $5 off select performances.

Keep up the reporting! LLP.

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Nope. Think that about does it for this topic, Kenne. Good luck with the show.

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I’m not sure you know what an apology is. I have never received an apology from you instead you avoided my text or when you did respond it was sarcastic, vindictive, and mean spirited.

If you really have changed then right here in front of everyone on this site will you pay me back the $600 you owe me and apologize to me? If you do that then I will stop but since you have not done that I will continue to update everyone on your distrubing behavior.

People are still emailing me about you.

So, if you have changed when can I pick up the money you owe me and where’s my apology?

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Just as I thought nothing. Have not changed a bit.

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Worked with him like 3 years ago… still the same creepy guy. Was supposed to put a show on in a West Hollywood theater and instead tried to convince us all to do it in Someone’s garage. If that’s not enough… he also tried to make an already risqué script into something way more graphic for the sake of his enjoyment. Think that explains my experience. Luckily I got out pretty early into it compared to others.

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