Are you Taking Full Advantage of all your Hollywood Fringe Benefits Here at the Lemon?


American Theatre Magazine calls us “indispensable,” the OC Weekly says we’re “the best website devoted to Southern California theater,” the LA Weekly deemed us “invaluable, ever-provocative, fearless, funny and unabashedly vainglorious” and the Hollywood Fringe Festival has crowned us Los Angeles Theater’s “theatrical lightning rod”.

While we agree with all of them, we feel it’s avant garde North Hollywood based theater company, Zombie Joe’s Underground, that says it best:

“Bitter Lemons isn’t just cool, it’s necessary”.

From Ventura County to Orange County, from the Eastside to the Westside, from Hollywood Theatre Row to NoHo, the reach and influence of Bitter Lemons remains deep, far and wide, and our unique audience, hipper, tech-savvy, theater-savvy, and younger than the usual over-50 theater subscriber reaches full bloom when the Hollywood Fringe Festival sets up shop in LA during the sultry month of June.

As always, we’re psyched. 

Some of the goodies we’re offering the HFF16 Community this year:

- Deeply discounted Side Bar Ads

- Deeply discounted BLI Reviews

- Teaser Trailer Packages

- Exclusive Premium Banner Ad Packages

- BLOAT & TPA Award Consideration

- The FringeMeter

- The LemonMeter

- The LemonHeadMeter

- Show Listings

- Open Forum for Contributors

- And much, much more!

Entering our ninth year of existence and our sixth year as an official Hollywood Fringe Festival sponsor, Bitter Lemons remains the most popular and fastest growing theater site in Los Angeles, offering a unique blend of news, service, irreverent opinion, counter-intuitive cultural commentary and The LemonMeter, the most trusted aggregate review resource in Southern California Theater. 

For the Hollywood Fringe we will once again be creating an exclusive Fringe Page for our advertisers as well as re-animating our FringeMeter, a real-time aggregate review system pulling data directly from the community reviews being posted on the Fringe site. An inter-splicing of DNA, if you will.

It’s pure symbiosis. And it’s very, very cool.

But what’s even cooler is that during the months of May and June, our rabid-theater-loving-mob-of-an-audience (we affectionately call them the LemonHeadNation) will again balloon to 50,000 to 75,000 page views a month

These are the people you want knowing about your Fringe Production. They make theater, they talk about theater, they read about theater, and they actually pay to go see theater.

And Bitter Lemons is here to help bring y’all together.

So let’s take a gander at our goodies, shall we?


- 60-Day Fringe Package (two months) – $525 (normally a $1,050 value, a 50% discount)

- 45-Day Fringe Package (six weeks) – $400 (Normally $790, over a 40% discount)

- 30-Day Fringe Package (one month) – $300 (Normally $525, over a 30% discount off regular rates)

- 14-Day Fringe Package (two weeks) – $200

- 7-Day Fringe Package (one week) – $100


- Prominence on Bitter Lemons the best read site in LA Theater

- Ad space w/link to your site on every page w/sidebar (rotating Ad)

- Ad space on our Fringe Page with link to your production page (first buyers get higher placement)

- Facebook and Twitter mentions

- Email blast mentions

- Inclusion in our Weekly Newsletter

- Show Listing

- And of course continued good karma for 7 years. :-) 

Compare these numbers to any other print publication or theater website in Los Angeles, it won’t matter, their prices will be higher, for a similar time frame, while providing a smaller, less dedicated audience than the LemonHeadNation.

They simply do not come close to the value we offer here at Bitter Lemons.


This year we are AGAIN offering the Fringe community an opportunity to get a top quality theater review, written by one of our top quality theater critics, featured prominently on our top quality theater site. The service is notorious (trust me), but legit, and it is known as the Bitter Lemons Imperative (BLI).

You can read some past reviews here.

And you can always see who our writers are here.

Normally these reviews cost $150 a pop, but for the Fringe Community we are slashing the price over 30% and offering them for only $100 a shot.

You can get more information on the BLI here and you can purchase a review here. Read it carefully, folks, this is real criticism with no guarantee of a favorable outcome.

We are fair, but frank.

Please Note: Purchase of an Ad Package and Purchase of a BLI Review are mutually exclusive of each other (except for the Premium Banner Ad Package described below). An Ad does not get you a Review and a Review does not get you an Ad. We keep a clear separation of church and state here at Bitter Lemons.


This year we’re also offering two exclusive Premium Top Banner Ad Package opportunities to Fringe Participants. Here’s what you get. 

- 14 days in the top banner spot, to be split with one other premium package client, either a lead into festival, or lead out of festival.

- 14 days exclusivity for your teaser trailer on front page (see above)

- A sidebar ad during the entire run of the festival (in conjunction and exclusive of the 14 day top banner ad)

- One BLI Review (Please read the details of the BLI here before purchasing, this is a real review by top notch writers and a favorable outcome is not guaranteed)

Normally an $875 value, we are offering ONLY TWO of these exclusive programs during the Fringe for only $625 each, a 30% discount. 

One will run, June 1-14, 2016, leading into the Festival, the other will pick up mid-Fringe, June 15-26, 2016, and close out the Festival.

This is prime time real estate, folks, this is going to be THE most prominent of power positions during the Fringe. Don’t snooze. Go here to make it happen now.


While we will once again be co-sponsoring the Trailer Park Award (TPA) for best teaser trailer at the Fringe (see below), this year we’re offering some exclusive high profile teaser trailer prominence on the site as well.

From May 1st to May 31st, 2016, you can have your teaser trailer live on our front page and our Fringe Page for one week for only $50. Starting June 1st, 2016, you can get your teaser trailer on our Fringe Page for one week only for $25.

Go here to make it happen.

First come, first serve.


Submit your 90 second or less video teaser trailer for your Fringe show to the TPA Award and win an award, some cool prizes and some free advertising at Bitter Lemons. Co-sponsored by Combined Artform, this is a great way to promote your theatrical experience via cinematic means.

Go here to submit.


- Create an account on our site if you haven’t already (just need email and password)

- Visit our Store

- Select one of the Discounted Fringe Show Ad options, video options, or select a Discounted Fringe Bitter Lemons Review

- Enter your Credit Card info and you will be directed to a page to create your ad (if a video, upload, and then send us a message at [email protected] after paying)

- If buying a review, after purchase, send message to [email protected] and reference BLI and we’ll get someone scheduled

- Upon receipt of payment, we will post your Ad (video)

- Upon receipt of payment we will schedule your BLI Review

- The 30-Day Package discount deadline: May 31st, 2016

- The 45-Day Package discount deadline: May 15, 2016

- The 60-Day Package Discount deadline: Now

- Premium Banner Ad Packages deadline: May 31, 2016

- Teaser Trailer for Front and Fringe Page Deadline: Starts April 31, 2016

It’s that easy.

We’d rather your Ad was production ready when you send it, but we understand if you might need some help re-sizing or re-touching something and we can certainly assist for a small production fee of $25.

And now for some perks that won’t cost you a cent…


This will be our sixth year sponsoring the coveted BLOAT for the zaniest, most irreverent, most theatrically thrilling show of the Hollywood Fringe Festival that uses the medium of theater to its fullest. Past winners include, Wolf Girls, Porter’s Macbeth: A Parody, Red Bastard, Belli Gemelli: An Opera Sitcom and La La La Strada.

If you feel your show is up to snuff, give us a shout at [email protected].

We won’t promise we’ll make it (we have a lot of shows to see!), but it’ll definitely get you on the radar. Ultimately we have our own way of finding BLOAT-worthy shows, but we always respond well to enthusiasm.


Just create an account and create a show page, it’s free, takes five minutes, just need an email and password for the account and show details for the show. After you are approved you can modify the page any time you want, submit press releases, add art work, team members, show info, whatever. And you’ll be primed for a LemonMeter Rating when the press reviews start coming in. Just send those links to [email protected].


As already mentioned the FringeMeter is our LemonMeter/Fringe Community Review Hybrid that pops up on our site during the run of the Fringe, giving you a real time aggregate review show rating similar to our LemonMeter. It’s pretty cool and all you have to do is encourage your audience to post reviews on your show page on the Fringe site. The FringeMeter will be very visible on our site and changes in (almost) real time with the incoming new data.

Be patient, the coolness will come. 


The LemonHeadMeter is very similar to our FringeMeter, except that it’s an aggregated user review rating that is generated right on our site here, exclusive from the FringeMeter. All you have to do is go see a show at the Fringe, come to our site and find that show page and then post a review. Once the required 5 reviews has been met, that show will get a LemonHeadMeter Rating.

You can read more about how the whole thing works here.


The LemonMeter is for “credentialed press reviews” only, not user reviews. That’s the FringeMeter and the LemonHeadMeter. To get a LemonMeter Rating, create an account, create a show page, do a show in the Fringe, and when the press reviews begin to roll in, send those links to [email protected].

Once you hit the required quota of 3, you’ll get a score right on your show page that you can share and embed anywhere you like. You may not like it, but you’ll have one.

Go here for more info on the LemonMeter and how our top secret algorithm works.


As always, Bitter Lemons remains a veritable and virtual online open-air-arts-lit-pub-hub for the performing arts in Los Angeles. We have long been the whetstone that many an aspiring writer has cut his or her teeth on, be it Kat Primeau, Jason Rohrer, Noah Nelson, Dylan Southard, Robert Toombs, Cindy Marie Jenkins, Ashley Steed or Ezra Buzzington.

For the Fringe, we like to kick it up a couple notches.

While we’re not looking for reviewers – we got that covered – we’re always looking for new voices with unique perspectives on Fringe related stories. If you feel you’re up to the task hit us at [email protected] with your ideas and samples.

No reviewers! No cheerleaders! No publicists! But if you have a podcast, a live stream, a talk show hosted by puppets, or just some good old fashioned well-written satire, we’ll take a look and maybe host your endeavor.


If you’re a veteran of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, welcome back. If you’re a newbie, welcome aboard. We’re here for you either way.

Bitter Lemons is not just some faceless, anonymous media outlet, we’re a grass roots organization born and bred in Los Angeles. We’re LA theater fans and LA theater makers first and we understand what goes into a theater production, the time, the energy, the money. We know you expect the same dedication in return.

Give us a shout and let us help you get your Fringe on in 2016.

Relentlessly yours,

The Bitter Lemons Family

Comments (7)

U 48170 t 5294524

Well, since you are asking for fringe-related content, I’ll mention something I sent you in email: my comments on what Fringe can do to improve the experience for the Audience ( ). Currently, everything I see from the Fringe seems to focus on the authors, actors, and producers of the shows; they completely forget about the non-actor/producer audience, and they fall down on making the fringe a great audience experience.

U 35088 t 4659361

I saw that, Daniel. I might have some thoughts on it later, some of the things you brought up though have already been addressed by the Fringe folk. You might want to peruse the site a little more closely (though I do know it can get a bit confusing over there at times). But thanks!

U 48170 t 5294524

If it is there, I can’t find it. I see no mention of making the parking mess easier. I see no indication the Fringe Central will be open during the preview period. When I purchased tickets, I saw no mention of benefits for 10+ shows, or the ability to purchase multiple buttons and have multiple tickets to correspond to buttons. I had to create separate accounts for my wife and I, and have two browsers open keeping everything in sync. If you can identify where any of that is addressed — especially parking, because I remember last year was a gigantic clusterf*ck trying to find parking spaces at popular times. Remember: I’m driving from Northridge; I don’t live near Hollywood, and most of the Fringe venues are not easy walking distance from a MetroRail stop (the closest is at Hollywood and Highland).

U 48170 t 5294524

Here’s a just imagine for you: Just imagine if Fringe got in partnership with the city to run a Fringe shuttle from Orange Court at Hollywood and Highland — the same place Hollywood Bowl shuttles pick up — to most of the Fringe venues on a set schedule. Even if that shuttle was a nominal $5, wouldn’t you use that? Couldn’t it bring in loads of cash for the Fringe?

Just imagine if all those business parking lots near Santa Monica were coordinated with Fringe, so those not used on weekends and evenings could be available for Fringe patrons for a fee, again, with a shuttle where necessary.

These are arrangements that must be put in place now if they are to be available for Fringe.

I know, this is what I get for being an engineer, not an artist. I think of these logistical things that lead to overall mission success.

U 35088 t 4659361

Well they’ve had food trucks for years (that was part of your article), they had parking and may still have it somewhere but I know it simply wasn’t cost effective for them – and yes the parking is brutal down there especially on theater row (unless you know secrets spots like I do!) – they’ve had many discussions with folks about shuttles – still hasn’t become cost effective for them – but the multiple buttons don’t know about that? And fringe central open during previews – bummer that it’s not – but again they pay these people and its just not cost effective. There are a lot of things I’d like to do here at Bitter Lemons, Daniel, some you’ve even suggested, but guess what? It’s just not cost effective. When it is, I’m sure they’ll make the change. Mostly they create the climate for producers and artists and then leave the free market up to them. Maybe you can help? Give them a shout, they are always looking for help.

U 48170 t 5294524

I did pass on the suggestions — emailed them in, even suggested sending out parking tips to patrons in newsletters. As I pointed out, their focus is producers and artists. As a professional audience (I really should TM that), someone needs to speak out for the audience.

Whether something is cost effective for them, BTW, depends on pricing, what might get donated for sponsorship, the overall enterprise impact of bringing in more patrons to more shows, etc. But where does Fringe make its money vs. where do the producers make their money?

What it takes is a dedicate commitment to the audience, as well as the artists and the producers. It takes having one of their volunteers to have a percentage of their tasking devoted to that effort, someone to make the calls to the city and build the case that this benefits the city to run a temporary shuttle from LA DOT — after all, they named theatre row, didn’t they.

As for “Give them a shout, they are always looking for help?”, I’ll note that I’m not an actor. I’m working or commuting from 530am to 530pm every week day, have numerous other volunteer commitments, including most of my weekends (and theatre time). If I took on one more commitment, my wife might take the 2nd half of “divorce never, murder frequently” seriously.

U 35088 t 4659361

I’m sure they’ll take your suggestions under consideration.

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