8 Selling Points You Might Want to Rethink


“way better than the first one”

“way better than the second one”


CGI has come a long way”

“Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu”

“one-woman show”

“90 minutes no intermission”

“runs 35 minutes – plenty of time to get to your next Festival purchase”

“Anne Bogart”

“text-friendly performance”





“a quick read but worth it”

“in light of current events”

“Malcolm Gladwell”


“Tolstoy for millennials”

“Aeschylus reworked for today’s audience into a Hunger Games dystopia”

“Jonathan Franzen”



“underserved voice”

“underserved audience”

“implicate the viewer”

“spiritually conscious”

“socially conscious”


“about time”



“to honor”

“inherent integrity of all ideas and values”


“Jeff Koons”

“in the form of a list”


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My favorites would be “quirky” and “Malcolm Gladwell”…

And I have to say, this is one of my favorite of your many columns…but I count 37.

U 46928 t 1865969

Jim, while dozens of teachers failed to teach me to count, you came the closest.

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