We're here. Make use of us.


Bitter Lemons has been an arts forum since 2008. We have succeeded in our mission to bring the Los Angeles theater community together, at least twice: readership has never been higher than during the pro99 debates last year, and this month, as we have come across some hurdles and are facing some challenges.

We have already put ourselves through some changes in the past couple of weeks, and time will tell whether we have chosen well. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to hosting ideas and debate on the arts.

Theater is our number one focus at Bitter Lemons, but we have always been happy to hear from dancers, singers, stand-up comics, improv artists, filmmakers, and from everyone in the performing arts community. Especially, as always, critics. Bitter Lemons believes that critical analysis, of general trends and individual works, is what best shapes policy and culture.

More change is coming. We will be hosting new voices in the coming weeks, and we would like to hear yours. If you have a well-articulated concern, a well-argued opinion, a good story about something that happened backstage or during a show or over drinks later that night, let us know. As long as you can be civil and make your point in a literate manner, you are welcome to state your case here. What gets posted, stays posted. We like harmony, and we like controversy. And we like honesty.

I, Enci Box, am the Publisher; you can contact me at [email protected]. If you have a short script you would like to post, send it to me. If you have an arts-related novel you’d like to post in serial installments, pitch it to me. If you would like to undertake a journalistic expose, send me your idea and I will tell you whether you can do it under the Bitter Lemons banner.

We’re here. Make use of us.

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