Shocked, Shocked


After persuading the Pro99 folks to waste? invest? spend a whole lot of arbitration money raised largely from crowdfunding, Actors’ Equity Association has announced that arbitration has failed, and that its Los Angeles membership is going to have to take Equity to court.

Please quote me on this: Told ya.

This whole conflict has run on Equity’s timetable. Equity has called all the shots, and Pro99 has continually fought from its back foot – when it remembers that it’s in a fight at all. It doesn’t like that language, officially. No wonder: it’s losing.

Equity’s statement may be read here. Pro99’s statement will be forthcoming, I’m sure, something along the lines of “Remember that money we asked you for? We need more.”

I hope they get it. And I hope the money gets spent handing Equity its ass. I expect it will, as I expect the Los Angeles theater community, so-called, to spend the next year falling on its face, crying about the injustice and producing one good show in twenty. As usual.

Bitter Lemons’ history of engagement on this 99-seat issue can be accessed here and here and, just, all over the place. Most of the writing was done by a guy named Colin Mitchell. Ring a bell? Yeah? If you’re reading this, you let him get bounced from this site without much of a fight, for bullshit reasons, though (among his other virtues) he was a good source of news on this Equity fight that affects not just Los Angeles but the whole country.

I’m still here, but I won’t be writing about it. I don’t give a damn if you all lose your theaters. Most of you 99 seaters run your business like chicken night in Turkey. (Kinda like Bitter Lemons!) Now, you’ll have to get your Equity news from interested parties like Steven Leigh Morris who, even when he manages coherence, still doesn’t know the truth from a lie

Have fun!

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Family drama and work schedule has kept me out of this fray, for a while, but like (I assume) all Equity members, I got their propaganda piece in my inbox yesterday. Judging from Equity’s past and present version of events, they have an aspiring young Joseph Goebbels writing for them, somewhere. Whomever he or she is sure knows how to put the best public face on “We ran out the clock in bad-faith discussions while wasting all of the complainants’ time and money on a predetermined outcome.”
I know you can be a lightning rod, Mr. Rohrer, but I generally think your lightning is aimed at the right targets. I, for one, will miss your writing on this topic.

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And I yours. I really hope you’ll find the time to throw us a biscuit every once in a while.

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