You Win Some, You Lose Some, in Love and "War Stories"

According to the website DiscoverLosAngeles.com, there were 4 million people living in the City of Los Angeles in 2015. If you add all of LA County, the number grows to 10.1 million. That’s a lot of hearts falling in and out of love at any given time.In Sarah Kelly’s new play, War Stories, we meet four of them: Chelsea (Sarah Schreiber), an actress constantly attracted to catastrophe; Sam (Clayton McInerney), a writer whose motto is ‘never fall in love with an actress’; J...

"God's Waiting Room" Lifts Spirits

One is unlikely to find God waiting in the reception area of the Let Live theater. This privately placed house of performance is snuggled stealthily between “I think Waze is broken.” and “Wait, Isn’t this The Actor’s Company or CAZT?”  However, following one’s successful ability to sort through some minor geographical challenges, a very seriously managed parking lot and many anxious actors in various stages of undress outside the theater, one w...

"Time Stands Still" Mends Abandoned Moments

Standard practice within many a production is typically to task a cast with text, demand memorization and then empower a director to assign emotion. With so many artistic attempts taking place within this theatrical tidepool, one may easily experience at least a few formulaic-type shows, however this production of Time Stand Still breaks this formula.  Time Stands Still is a story of a couple that has worked together traveling the world in the field of journalism. James is a c...