Who Could They Possibly Be Talking About?

Stage Raw’s continued media blackout on all things Bitter Lemons continues. Barely.Here’s the latest from Paul I Stand By My Reporting Birchall:Except, this year, for the LA theater community, Halloween is every day.  I mean, it never ends, and the one thing that has emerged this week in the absence of actual stories is the fact that there is plenty of sniping.  Was there ever a time when civility among the writers and journalists in our community was at quite this low an ebb? &n...

We're here. Make use of us.

Bitter Lemons has been an arts forum since 2008. We have succeeded in our mission to bring the Los Angeles theater community together, at least twice: readership has never been higher than during the pro99 debates last year, and this month, as we have come across some hurdles and are facing some challenges.We have already put ourselves through some changes in the past couple of weeks, and time will tell whether we have chosen well. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to hosting ideas and d...