A Fun, Uneasy Course

“From tonight, and for the rest of your life, whenever you hear the word ‘good,’ I want you to ask yourself, ‘Good for whom?’ And then check your wallet, because someone’s hand is reaching for it. The moralist is a thief, but he doesn’t have the guts to take your money openly like I do. He is a coward who tries to seduce you to rob yours...

Breaking News: Woman Barfs at "Urban Death: Tour of Terror" Opening

I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but when I got there later in the evening to catch the show, I heard it from a very reliable source: one of the female audience members had to slip out the back door with her companion during the show so that she could unleash the technicolor yawn.Apparently the disturbing nature of this latest ma...

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group Opens Up Auditions for Next Incarnation of Signature Piece "Urban Death"

This is an incredible opportunity for both the young up-and-comer looking to push the envelope and truly test their talent, and the seasoned performer perhaps stuck in a rut and looking to participate in something uniquely challenging.I am of course talking about Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group’s signature piece of theater know as Urban Death. The co-creatio...