What to See in Los Angeles Theater: Your Weekly LemonMeter Update

A little late on this one, LemonHeads, apologies, I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for your travel guide to what the theater critics are saying are the best shows in town. Well here they are, pulled straight off our ever-trusty LemonMeter. Now go see some theater!Weekly LemonMeter Update (Top 20 Rated Shows)...

"Amy Snowden's Casting Confessions" Needs Much Tightening

Amy Snowden grew up in rural Louisiana where squirrel was often hunted for dinner and a visit to the Wal-Mart something to phone neighbors about.But she always knew she was meant for bigger things.The voice in her head told her she was, and beckoned her to depart for L.A. where she would find stardom.In later years she would be convinced that voice was part of the sinister illuminati and got kick backs every time she shelled out for new head shots or agent auditions.In “C...