How We Look to the Kids

What was supposed to be 120 minutes’ pedagogy at Cornish College of the Arts this week turned into eight hours’ plotting of the future of show business in America – the ten graduating seniors in Advanced Analysis were too well versed for us to bother much about theater’s past and present. They were aspiring writers, actors, directors, dramaturgs, designers. They were smarter than any ten human beings I’ve shared a room with in dog’s years. It was scary. A jealous part of me wanted...

Equity @ Boston Court

THE ELEPHANT Since December last, when Actors’ Equity Association began quiet overtures regarding its sweeping new plan for the small theaters of Los Angeles to pay their actors minimum wage, the Theatre @ Boston Court has been the elephant in the room. Equity shored up its position in the following months with statements to the effect that LA was a flashpoint for predatory producers who ran roughshod over the rights of actors. Local Equity membership responded that such exploitation largely did not exist...