Bitter Lemons - Another Side

“Often it isn’t the initiating trauma that creates seemingly insurmountable pain, but the lack of support after” ~ S. Kelley Harrell, Gift of the Dreamtime Bitter Lemons is more than Colin Mitchell, it’s a community made up of people who all play a role and contribute in their own specific way, resulting in a safe environment where opinions float free of censorship and controversy is embraced and celebrated. As the Publisher of Bitter Lemons, I’m saddened by Colin’s word...

Being Helpless in Your Own Country

I apologize in advance. This post might be long. I’m sitting in a hotel room alone in Boston and I’m utterly disheartened. I’m writing to help myself – as I sit in front of this computer with tears running down my face. I gotta tell you though, right now, I’m not in the mood for devil’s advocates, debates, or counterpoints.I am attempting to be reasonable, rational, and patient. However, today has made it quite difficult to express any of these qualities. Waking up to see Philando...