Critique of the Week (On a Monday)

Again, very much behind on all my Lemony duties, which is why this week’s COW is once again coming out on a Monday. Nevertheless, here she be.This week’s COW comes from the Holder of all things Travis Michael and his exploits over at Arts In LA. It is ripe with context, opinion and perspective, all the components necessary for a well rounded review. Plus, Travis never hesitates to wade in with his strong opinions, agree with them or not, you definitely get a chance to meet the critic when yo...

The 24th Annual TicketHolder Awards 2015 - By Travis Michael Holder

THE 24th ANNUAL TICKETHOLDER AWARDS, 2015 by Travis Michael HolderSo despite our own union trying to completely destroy the promise of our prolific and hardworking community, this has proven to be one of the busiest and most remarkable years in my 28-plus years of reviewing theater in Los Angeles—hence my 15 Best Production candidates instead of the usual 10 and about 653 Best Director Runners-Up. The last few months, I’ve heard it said more than once that if the dastardly n...