Critique of the Week (On a Wednesday)

Firstly, forgive the tardiness of this review shout out.  As the newest full time member of the Lemon’s team its taken a hot second to get all the e-bolts and screws worked out.  Working from a mac book that would be considered a dinosaur by anyone more than a year younger than me doesn’t necessarily help the cause either.  Regardless, here is my first CRITIQUE OF THE WEEK!!!This week I turn my attention to a review of Glory Struck’s pr...

It's COW (Critique of the Week) Time Again Folks!

As the new LemonMeter editor, it has been my job to give you lovely readers a regularly occurring Critique of the Week (COW) and in keeping up with that I have been slacking.Forgive me.I’m getting this COW up in a timely manner though and you can expect the same of me in the future.In a week where I’ve been let down by a bunch of LA critics’ praises (Astro Boy at Sacred Fools was, as Colin already stated, just ok), my attention this week w...

LA Weekly Theater Critic Katie Buenneke Doesn't Believe Deaf West's "Spring Awakening" Move to Broadway is a Good Thing

But that’s not what I want to talk about.Katie is of course entitled to her opinion and she makes some interesting points in her LA Weekly article, points like this:I love seeing unexpected takes on familiar stories, and that’s something that’s unique to theater: different groups of people performing the same show o...

We're here. Make use of us.

Bitter Lemons has been an arts forum since 2008. We have succeeded in our mission to bring the Los Angeles theater community together, at least twice: readership has never been higher than during the pro99 debates last year, and this month, as we have come across some hurdles and are facing some chal...

Plaintiffs in Actors vs. Actors Equity Association respond to AEA statement

Dear Equity Member and Los Angeles Theatre Community –By now you have seen Equity’s Press Release and letter to their members attacking act...