I laughed pretty much continuously throughout the unimpressively titled Raised by Gays and Turned Out OK!, which surprised me since the narrative I’ve constructed for myself says I don’t like women’s identity issue monologues. For my sins, I was assigned two to review last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. This would be a much easier review to write if I hadn’t, if I could just rehash <...


The Complex’s ten performance spaces run from great-looking to not-so-great-looking, but for performer and audience they all feature aural accompaniment from some of the building’s other rooms, public and private. The ground floor’s Ruby Theatre is lucky to share one of its walls not with another theater but with a liquor store. It has comfortable seats and a raised proscenium stage and, at least for the Hollywood Fringe Festival show Lovely, a beautiful curtain that actually...

The Promise of Happiness

The opening minutes of Murder Blood Bear Story offer a scary tableau: a vital young woman cringes on her knees, making a spiritual obeisance to a potential catastrophe she hopes will save her from despair. There is no bear, not represented onstage except as a projection between the persuasion of an actor and the faith of her audience. But it’s there.This is a play, more than most solo theater pieces one can see at the Hollywood Fringe or el...