Downer Don Shirley Once Again Takes Center Theatre Group to the Woodshed for Its Lack of Los Angeles-Centric Programming

Downer Don is all over it once again in his latest from LA Observed:Center Theatre Group, which continues to call itself “L.A.’s Theatre Company,” also continues to demonstrate virtually no interest in LA stories.When CTG recently announced the next Mark Taper Forum season, after previously revealing new seasons for the coming year at CTG’s Ahmanson and Kirk D...

The Wallis Forms New Partnership with ASCAP and DreamWorks Studios to Present The 2016 ASCAP Foundation/DreamWorks Musical Theatre Workshop

The folks at The Wallis continue to make the other larger theaters in LA look like a bunch of dinosaurs. Remember where that Deaf West Spring Awakening landed before it went to Broadway? Yep. This sounds like a very cool opportunity for budding young musical theater folk. Michael Shaw Fisher and Gregory Nabors I’m looking at you! And oh yeah, nice to see a film company like Dreamworks stepping up. Can only benefit them as well. Somebody’s doing something right over at the Wallis. Hope others are taking note.<...

The Bitter Lemons' Best of Los Angeles Theater 2015

The time is here, LemonHeads! The time for all the Bitter Lemons’ Best of Lists! First we’ll have this Best of Los Angeles Theater list (see below), shit that left an impression on me, kept punching me in the face in a good way after I left the theater, then we’ll have the Top Rated list - which are the shows that received the best critical accolades pulled directly from our LemonMeter – and then we’ll have the ...