If Los Angeles' Actors' Equity Members Want to Make a Real Statement They Should Picket the October 19th Membership Meeting

I’m sure my fellow Los Angeles’ AEA members have all received their invitations to RSVP to the Monday, October 19th, 11:00AM Membership meeting and are now wondering how to respond. Here’s one option: don’t show up. And if you do, it should be in protest and should in no way be an act of participation in their tainted process. Hell, I even have a slogan you guys can use free of charge:No Participation without Proper Representation.Now I’m pretty confident this isn’t going to happen...

Philando Motherfucking Castile

Philando Castile is the best name in America right now.In 1955, Rosa Parks did what Claudette Colvin could not. Claudette Colvin was calculatedly dismissed by civil rights leadership, and history changed. Be...