A week ago yesterday, writer and movie director Quentin Tarantino attended a rally against police brutality in New York. As he was the most famous person there, his remarks were widely reported – some of them. The part where he referred to specific instances of police misconduct as “murders,” and the police who perpetrated them as “murderers,” is now famous. His description,  during the same event, of the recent murder of a cop as “a tragedy” has been less broadly quote...

Heard Any Good Poop Jokes Lately?

 To say last week was rough would be an understatement. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the Dallas PD shooting? Honestly, rough can’t come close to expressing what I’ve felt over the past few years. This institution that we call America has gutted itself to the core and shown the world its seedy underbelly with an unapologetic ferocity that has left me speechless.I’m a wordsmith. A playwright, screenwriter, and stand up comic. Words are the tools of my trade and using them effectively to...