A week ago yesterday, writer and movie director Quentin Tarantino attended a rally against police brutality in New York. As he was the most famous person there, his remarks were widely reported – some of them. The part where he referred to specific instances of police misconduct as “murders,” and the police who perpetrated them as “murderers,” is now famous. His description,  during the same event, of the recent murder of a cop as “a tragedy” has been less broadly quote...

Being Helpless in Your Own Country

I apologize in advance. This post might be long. I’m sitting in a hotel room alone in Boston and I’m utterly disheartened. I’m writing to help myself – as I sit in front of this computer with tears running down my face. I gotta tell you though, right now, I’m not in the mood for devil’s advocates, debates, or counterpoints.I am attempting to be reasonable, rational, and patient. However, today has made it quite difficult to express any of these qualities. Waking up to see Philando...