The Dramaturg: The Increasingly Awesome Omnipresence of Hamilton

I find it easy catchin diabetes from fly sweetiesSit back and wait to hear a slammin trackRockin jams by popular demand, I’m back -Rakim, “Guess Who’s Back” Awwwwww yeah, guess who’s back?! That’s right, I’m back at Bitter Lemons and quoting rap lyrics in honor of Hamilton, the mega-hit Broadway show currently holding fast to the zeitgeist and riding it like a flaming rocketship to the moon. Lin-Manuel Miranda and friends are deservedly awash in superlatives, but t...

On the Fringe with George

To his friend Brian Aherne, the depressive cad actor George Sanders wrote: December 31st, 1937Dear Brian,I was very happy to receive your angry letter, and I am glad I shook you up a bit. Ask yourself this question: If money (greed); loyalty to theatrical tradition (pernicious exhibitionism); rigid conformity to social convention (masochism), are incompatible with personal happiness—which should be sacrificed?You talk about the theatre as if it had some cosmic significance. As a matter of fact it is pathe...