The Bitter Lemons' Best of Los Angeles Theater 2015

The time is here, LemonHeads! The time for all the Bitter Lemons’ Best of Lists! First we’ll have this Best of Los Angeles Theater list (see below), shit that left an impression on me, kept punching me in the face in a good way after I left the theater, then we’ll have the Top Rated list - which are the shows that received the best critical accolades pulled directly from our LemonMeter – and then we’ll have the Best Stories of 2015. I know, I know, the excitement is overw...

Ernest Kearney's Best of Los Angeles Theater 2015

The best of 2015, huh?Well, there was a lot of it.So in no particular order here it comes:The Odyssey Ensemble Theatre started off the “best list” of my year with their stunning staging of Eugene O’Neill’s “ANNA CHRISTIE”, produced by Beth Hogan and directed by Kim Rubinstein, with a superb set by Wilson Chin and a stellar cast in Mary Mara, Tait Ruppert, Kevin McKidd, and Jeff Perry who played the “father” to his daughter Zoe Perry in the title role.Over all, I t...