WARNING: Kenne Guillory Once Again Emerges from his Sleazy Lair as "James Kenneth"

Yup. He’s back. Kenne Guillory, currently known as James Kenneth. The guy who advertised “nude improv in a hot tub” for his auditions.Saw this on the Facebook wire from Michael Shepperd:Read up peopleHere’s the real deal. A young actor,who I love and respect, was asked to Audition for a play. He was asked to send in candid photos of himself as well as video of him stripping down while doing a monologue. I immediately told him hell no. The director who asked him to do this goes by th...

Kenne Guillory Infiltrates the Hollywood Fringe

One of my birdies directed me to this Fringe project entitled RECLAIMED FREEDOM: FACT OR FICTION. The producer’s name? James Kenneth aka Kenne Guillory. And it’s written by a guy named Kenne James aka Kenne Guillory.Here’s the info on the show:The story of a young man’s journey down the path to success (or perhaps lack there of) entertainment industry, in Hollywood, In essence, its the history of the 321 ON FIRE! Collective! Using a unique blend of scripted facts and hilar...