Incomplete Journey of "Etty Hillesum: A Voice Outside the Camp"

Theatre Factory Studio artistic director Elena Vannoni reveals in the program notes that her 70-minute sketchily realized portrait of Holocaust victim Etty Hillesum is incomplete. A six-member ensemble offers merely “the first etude,” an introduction to the transcendent life of a Jewish woman who lived in German-Occupied Amsterdam, producing over 900 pages of writings, testifying to the need for resolute life-affirming compassion while striving to survive in the midst of the human devastation inflicte...

Oeuvre Total Part 6: Billy Wilder, Giant Killer

 - cowboys - In an election year you hear a lot of history. A recent statement that the White House was built by slaves was rebutted with the astonishing assertion that those slaves were fed and housed. This kind of dialogue marks the periodic ebbs in our national discourse....