The Conspiracy of Mirrors

My friend Dmitry likes to say that the only real conspiracies are the ones we’re all invested in, the ones so many of us take for granted that we don’t even see them as conspiracies. The fact that more people don’t agree with him, I see as a strength of his argument. Not all giant lies are in the vein of Rothschilds and Masons collaborating on 9/11. On some level what Dmitry’s talking about is the natural evolution of cultural prejudice.Yesterday five Supreme Court justice...

Philando Motherfucking Castile

Philando Castile is the best name in America right now.In 1955, Rosa Parks did what Claudette Colvin could not. Claudette Colvin was calculatedly dismissed by civil rights leadership, and history changed. Because the point was to win over basically racist white people to seeing blacks as human, which meant they had to choose a superhuman for the banner.Allies make every revolution. The 13 colonies would not have become the United States without France. Gandhi had to lead hundreds of tho...

Heard Any Good Poop Jokes Lately?

 To say last week was rough would be an understatement. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the Dallas PD shooting? Honestly, rough can’t come close to expressing what I’ve felt over the past few years. This institution that we call America has gutted itself to the core and shown the world its seedy underbelly with an unapologetic ferocity that has left me speechless.I’m a wordsmith. A playwright, screenwriter, and stand up comic. Words are the tools of my trade and using them effectively to...