Oeuvre Total Part 4: The World Aflame

“Nobody’s perfect.”It’s one of the great European last lines, and it hangs on one of the great American movies. But it’s not the end of the picture.As Michael Holland nimbly illustrated in Part 3 last week, that last line transports Some Like It Hot. Seconds ago, in the same shot, Joe E Brown’s smitten Osgood was finally on the getaway with the object of his affection when he got slapped with the news that Jack Lemmon wasn’t Daphne but Jerry in drag.And after all Osgood and ...

Billy Wilder's Œuvre Total, Part 7

I’m writing this immediately following THE LAST TIME WE WERE TOGETHER.  I don’t just mean before I even enjoy JASON’S NEXT PART, I mean the same day;  my last Part straight into this one, even before going to see Double Indemnity and Body Heat.  Why?  Over the last couple get-togethers, I’d been trying to work in something I mentioned all the way back in Part 1.  I wrote, “Every time Shirley MacLaine hands the carnation to Jack Lemmon as he’s on his way up...