Billy Wilder's Œuvre Total, Part 5

           One of the wonderful things about the written conversation is each party gets to do it alone.  They can get their thoughts down on paper in as organized (and hopefully as entertaining) a fashion as possible.  Well, one of the horrible things about the written conversation is each party has to do it alone.  It isn’t really a conversation at all;  at least not a fluid one.  (Christ, you’re thinking, now where’s he going with this?...

Oeuvre Total Part 6: Billy Wilder, Giant Killer

 - cowboys - In an election year you hear a lot of history. A recent statement that the White House was built by slaves was rebutted with the astonishing assertion that those slaves were fed and housed. This kind of dialogue marks the periodic ebbs in our national discourse.Every single American election year, our people tell us that, historically, this is the wrong year to take a moral stand; that this time, a vote for anyone but our factory-fresh candidate (we already printe...