A Chorus Line

joel beers · July 22, 2016
"Augmented by Hazel Clarke's energetic but tasteful choreography, a solid five-piece live band and a remarkable ensemble, Nguyen and company have created a show that is as entertaining and mesmerizing as it is poignant and heartfelt."... full review


joel beers · February 25, 2016
This is a show saddled with a mostly forgettable score and story that seems focused on hammering one point over and over and over: Young men, especially Marines, suck.... full review

The Madwoman in the Volvo

joel beers · January 13, 2016
while Volvo is funny and compelling at times, Loh's story is so steeped in Her journey and Her struggles and Her attempts to cope—or inability to cope—that, at times, it feels less like you're an audience member being empowered with information and insight and more like a hostage confined in a private Facebook group for women. And that one chick just will not stop sharing. . . .... full review

A Bright New Boise

joel beers · October 18, 2015
Samuel D. Hunter's bleak, brooding, caustically funny A Bright New Boise is a fitting example. It's a powerful and intense play on the page that gets a terrific production courtesy of director Trevor Biship, who reconfigures the Chance's stage into a thrust, with the audience sitting on two sides.... full review

One man, Two Guvnors

joel beers · October 02, 2015
It's the imprint of a legit theatrical artist, and anyone who directs on local stages and thinks the only role a director plays is to cast well and make sure the actors' faces can be seen should check out this show. In fact, everyone should. It's that good and that funny.... full review


joel beers · August 17, 2015
Lighting designer Christina L. Munich and video artist Neil Corbin do wonders with the intimate Long Beach space, and director Eric Hamme and his energetic cast somehow turn what has never been an actual stage production (Stoppard wrote it as a radio play for the BBC in honor of Dark Side's 40th anniversary) into a mesmerizing, multimedia, idea-saturated work that provokes more than a few WTF moments.... full review

House of Yes

joel beers · June 04, 2015
Even though the play, directed by Jack Millis, eventually loses steam and sputters to the aforementioned climax, there's a small dose of Harold Pinter-like Homecoming menace to the affair, and the comedic energy (particularly from Kristin, Martin and Evans) and What the Fuckness of some of the key plot points always keep things interesting.... full review

Peter and the Starcatcher

joel beers · May 21, 2015
It's a big pile of poop.... full review

Mr. Wolf

joel beers · April 27, 2015
As Theresa asks late in the play, when she sees a horse for the first time, how is it possible that some things are so big and she is so small? Whether audiences think Joseph’s play is big or small might depend on how much they feel like engaging with the play after they’ve left the theater.... full review