Comedy · move a mountain productions · Ages 21+ · one person show · United States of America

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When you’re a bullied, weak and tiny Greek Australian boy, have the physique of a stick insect, resemble a pretty girl, talk to yourself more often than is considered normal, you’re inspired by American icons and want to be Chinese; your choices in life are often limited to becoming a comedian, an actor or a comedian.

To escape the constant teasing, beatings and the harshness of his elementary school reality, Jim found solace, peace and comfort watching American TV shows. From his first comedic inspiration, Bugs Bunny, and a desire to be just like his American movie star heroes, he promised himself to be an Academy award-winning A-list actor, the next Bruce Lee and the second fastest martial artist in the world. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to.

In Skitso, all these icons come pay him a visit in an effort to help him live out his dreams He plays over 35 stars and celebrities as well as original characters.

Join Jim Dailakis on this entertaining, fast paced, animated hilarious, dramatic, sad, happy, definitely crazy and inspirational journey where he continues failing his way to success.

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