Bob’s Holiday Office Party

Comedy · pico playhouse theater · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of what the Los Angeles Times calls the most “hilariously deranged” seasonal tradition in local theater when Bob’s Holiday Office Party returns with even more irreverent comedy and goofball characters. As saucy as spiked eggnog and more naughty than nice, this yuletide frolic written by Joe Keyes and Rob Elk is a holiday staple with its bawdy humor, improvisational freshness and adult merriment. Directed by Matt Roth, this surefire hit is the gift that keeps on giving. Intended for mature audiences.

The Plot:
Every year, insurance agent Bob Finhead’s whacked out friends and clients stop by his small-town Iowa office for their annual holiday bash. Among them, the town mayor, the sheriff, the twin farmers, the stoner, the town floozy and the pastor’s wife have already RSVP’d for this year’s event. But Bob has dreams of a bigger life and wants to escape their narrow-minded thinking. Will he be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional inventor and move to the big city, or will he come to realize how much he is the heart and soul of the town? Does any of this even matter once the party stars, the bickering and fighting begins, and the drinks hit the floor?

Rave Reviews:
From its first inception, critics have hailed Bob’s Holiday Office Party as a “devastatingly funny” alternative to traditional holiday fare. Philip Brandes of the Los Angeles Times observes, “This party has not worn out its welcome… Whether you’re a first-timer or an old acquaintance, this is one “Office Party” you don’t want to miss.” Steven Leigh Morris of LA Weekly says it will leave audiences in “screams of laughter.”

More reviews recommend making Bob’s Holiday Office Party a must-see from Shari Barrett of BroadwayWorld noting it’s a “hit comedy that wrecks havoc!” Amy Tofte of LA Stage Times, “Much like cult films such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bob’s has developed a dedicated following” and Steven Stanley of Stage Scene LA calling it “a walk on the wild side!” Kenneth Hughes of Flavorpill says it’s “a good ol’ slap in the holiday’s face to set it all right for all the wrongness that holidays can be.” MR Hunter of LA’s the Place says, “It is a surefire escape from the holiday blues.” Kayte Deioma of Travel calls it, “a winner that stands the test of time and…will remain an LA tradition for years to come.”

Travis Michael Holder of Arts in LA declares, “Without a doubt, this production has become a vital part of every Christmas season in our fair city—at least for anyone who enjoys delightfully tasteless nonstop laughs generated by a world-class ensemble of comedians unafraid of going beyond the usual holiday celebrating, assaying antics that fall somewhere between the Three Stooges and a Ron Jeremy movie. Beyond the traditional eggnog and the tired old carols about mangers and flying reindeer, Bob’s Holiday Office Party should be heralded as the quintessential ambassador of Christmas in LA.”

Where and When:
Performances run from Dec. 3 – 20 on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays @ 8 p.m.; Sundays @ 7 p.m. Pico Playhouse Theater, 10508 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Tickets are $25-$34.99. For reservations please call (310) 204-4440 or at Visit us at

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