Cymbeline by William Shakespeare

Drama · bo powell and jordan klomp · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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What is it to be false?

Two star-crossed lovers wed in secrecy. But what should be the happy ending of their tale is instead the beginning of a journey filled with adventure and betrayal, where the separation between allies and enemies blurs beyond recognition. When the people you love the most are the same people trying to destroy you, how do you survive? Can we forgive each other when the cut is still bleeding?

The capacity for both great kindness and great cruelty in all of us is at the heart of Shakespeare’s late classic, Cymbeline. Imogen, princess of Britain, is forced into solitude upon the banishment of her husband, the orphan-born but royally raised Posthumus. The punishment is handed down by her father, King Cymbeline, at the behest of his conniving and manipulative new queen, who plans to wed her oafish and dangerous son Cloten to Imogen now that Posthumus is gone.

Separated from Posthumus for the first time in her young life, Imogen grows bolder with each new obstacle thrown her way. But Posthumus, alienated in a foreign country, enters into an ill-conceived bet with the devious Iachimo. That wager sets a series of lies and betrayals into motion, forcing Imogen to embark on a hero’s journey leading her to everything from finding long-lost siblings to embroiling her in a looming war between Britain and Rome. Dramatic and darkly comic throughout, Cymbeline is both intensely personal and daringly epic.

Directed by Frank Weidner—AD of The Winter’s Tale w/ Mine Is Yours and LA Time Critic’s Pick Pocatello w/ Rogue Machine— and featuring a collective of actors and artists hailing from some of LA’s finest theaters (A Noise Within, Antaeus, Center Theatre Group, Sacred Fools, Theatricum Botanicum), this compelling and intimate production should not be missed.

Starring: Christine Avila*, Olivia Buntaine, William Dennis Hunt*, Jordan Klomp*, Kathleen Leary, Celia Mandela, Victoria Martinez*, Gerard Marzilli*, Dane Oliver*, Daniel Ramirez, and Michelle Wicklas.

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